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their batting practice behind me. nick markakis will be there to quach them. he's among -- back. the entire team is expected to be excited about, too. >> reporter: 3-1, delivery. in the air. he got all of it. way back. >> reporter: april and may were magnificent. >> and the orioles have come back to win it. >> reporter: the high-flying birds spent the early part of the season in first place. raising expectations and hopes. then june and july, hot weather, but the o's cooled. especially the hitters. yet through it raul, they -- all, they remain in play-off contention, midway through the season. baltimore baseball fans have reason to believe. the players recognize the support and want to give those fans something to cheer. >> having this place packed with 47,000 people. you know, for a play-off game or -- or even a game in august that is -- that means a lot. you know? but it would be all our fans. i think that kind of environment would give me goose bumps. >> manager buck showalter says the next month will go a long way in tomorrowing -- determining if the o's will be play-off contenders. we ask y
, no one was seriously hurt. 3 3 good news for the orioles... nick markakis is on his way back...when he o's right sports unlimited... ♪ ♪ looking for someone you can trust? with ase certified technicians and the latest technology, this is the exception to the rule. this is sears auto center. the new santa fe steak melts. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt -- a favorito for breakfast but muy bueno any time of day. get to your local subway and claim your steak today -- with new santa fe steak melts. subway. eat fresh. that's all for the late edition. thanks so much for joining us, i'm jennifer gilbert. up next is bruce cunningham, sports unlimited ssarts right noww theeorioles limped into the all star break having lost 13 of their last 19 and clearly looked like a discouraged peam...well, help is on the way. this evening, the orioles officially reinstated nickk markakis to the ros
. birds and tigers. o's fans happy to see nick markakis back from the dl. bottom three and markakis did not disappoint. this a ground-rule double. betemit comes in to score. 2-1 tigers bottom four. jason hammel injuries his right knee the knee that has been bothering him much of the season. he leaves the game. and then the flood gates just open. john jhonny peralta makes it 7-1 detroit. the o's now eight games back in the al east. >>> the men's u.s. basketball team leaves vegas and the wizards arrive for summer league. today was the debut of bradley beal and he didn't disappoint going for 22 points. the wizards starting their summer league taking on the atlanta hawks this afternoon. second quarter. here he is. take it down young fella. that's what he does. beal not only about offense. this isn't nick young reincarnated. gets the block and finishes with 22 but the wizards lose by 20. it's only summer league. >>> look who is back in town. kevin durant, a regular in the goodman league games in berry farms checking out the games with team usa teammate james hard hardin who plays on the thun
...cooe irst markakis will be baak innhis psarting role as right fielder... and he's leading off tonight.... a first in his pames with a wrist injury sincc juue 1st...his firstt so we'lllhave markakis' returr along with the rest of theeo's as they take on thh tigees.... and he saints finally lock up drew breess..what's that mean for ray riie?that's tonight on sporrs unlimited.i'm morgan back to you.t camden ards, unusual scene in wwite cowboos.take a look at thii... it's a herd of about a dozen to erry hhll boulevard and bucks schooll us this picture.police were ent called tt the's what happened...there's actualll a farm nearrthat &pfarmers evvntualll corralled &psome showers this weekenn... then annther warm up on the pay.. will it be as bad as the last one... lets check in ith mmteorologist emily gracey. gracey. 3 3 the... virgin mary... is... causing... aalot of mayhem... in... new jersey.../.hhndreds &p... of believvrs... saa.. aa.. carving.../ mimicking the virgin... is átreeá. n appearance... in a - first spotted in a tree ing
nd haaf of thh season wwth thh tigers...nick markakis back from the d-l.... warning rrck and intt the seats for a ground rule doubll...wilsoo bettmit scores from 2nd...markakis 1-for-4 in hii return...o's trail 221.... the top of the 4th...misses low for a ball...but that's not the concern...hammml comes up limping...replay looks like leff knee...but the o's are caaling it a right knee injurr. nighh... mmr-i see foo pomorrow..luis ayala replaces hammell..miguel cabrera destroys it to straight away watch assit sails out for hiss 19th...tigers up 4-1....later in the 5th...dana evvland pitching...jhonny per-alta hitting...see ya...3-run shot the opposite way...detroit takes a 6-run lead....bottom &phalf...betemit gives it a rid tooleft...quinton berry tracks it down...and puuls the robbery.taking way the was that kind of night or the oos...detroit takes ggme one 7-2... &pafter bounty gate...sainns bascially had the organization orleans offered their - franchise tag...brees wanted more money and years. years.and heegoo it... and then some.brees inks a -year, 100
that veteran nick markakis will return right after the all star reak...a week from tomorrow...innfact, he's expected to make some starts for bowie this weekend.. markakis has been ouu since the first week of june, when he had the ammate bone removed from his right wrist... he'[s been taking batting practice wwih aberdeen, and thh initial reeorts arr positive..stayytuned. the upton boxing centee in baltimmre city is a place for kiis to get off the streets... anddfocus on's talent...but non like gervonta "tank" davis.the 17 year old ii ranked number one innhis weight division of 123.he's phe junioo olympic golden 205-and-15 record.after his next fight onnjuly 28th.... he'll makk one big step next floyd mayweather... the tank's turring pro. 3 wwmbledon...serena williams &padvanced to the final on saturday n straight sets over victoria azareeka...she broke a wimbledon record with 24 aces ii her victory... serena has won 4 wimbledon titles and is trying to become wimbleeon since martina win - navrattlova did so back in 19-90... that'll do it for this editioo of sports unlim
on the mound... throwing error to first... nick markakis makes it all the way to 3rd..still in the first... wild pitch... joe mauer can't get the handle on the hop... markakis scores... so on just one single by markakis... o's on the board 1-0..britton helping himself out in the 2nd... two on, no outs... oh-2 count... fires to first... gets the out... no run scores..bottom of the 4th... britton gives up his first run... jamey carroll keeping it fair... ryan dough-mit scores... carroll in at 2nd... 1-1 ball game.. 5th... after two walks... o's have two on... adam jones doing some work... going opposite field... getting a little help from the wind and see ya... 3 run shot... his 21st of the season... orioles take a 4-1 lead..bottom half of the frame... britton done after loading the bases no outs... luis ayala can't get out of the hole.. dough-mit singles to right... two runs score.... twins up 6-4 in the 7th. blame the o's problems on the d-l.injuries are killing them. and it's been showing this of 4 of their last 12 games..two second basemens on it... robert andino the ne
markakis on first andy chavez lines one into the corner and left markakis trying to score and tie the game. he runs through the stop sign at third and he's caught up and so were the birds. markakis gets tagged and the orioles drop a tough one, the final 3-1. >>> we have more to come, redskins training camp just around the corner. we'll show you the dates open to fans coming up next. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> the football season is quickly upon us and redskins training camp gets underway later this week. it is mike shanahan's third season at the helm. the redskins are copping off a 5- 11 season -- coming off a 5- 11 season last year and expectations are high as ever with r
. right now in the fourth inning, the angels' lead 1-0. nick markakis played his first rehab game tonight for aa bowie. this was his first rehab game since wrist surgery june 1. fenway park, day two of the day/night doubleheader. yankees-red sox. texeria, the deepest part of the ballpark. bottom of the second, the yankee showing off their defense. look at the catch by andruw jones. that is a great catch. upt in the sixth. sox add 4 more in the seventh. boston wins, 9-5, splitting the double header. the brewers taking on the astros. greinke on the mound. in the first, the runner is called safe. greinke spike the ball in disgust, he is ejected from the game. the orioles did not get to see much. the astros beat the brewers, 6- 3. the nationals are on fire, today facing the rockies. ian desmond, all store shortstop, 16th homer of the season. gonzalez pitching for the nationals, striking out carlos gonzalez. the nationals get more the sixth. zimmerman, rbi single. the nationals have the best record in the national league. after winning wimbledon, serena williams is hoping that history does not
for the orioles.nick markakis is on his way back...when the o'ssright fielder will return... next in sports. ((breakk3)) 3 [ female announcer ] the coffee house. the lines, the cost, the hassle. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor, with coffee-mate, from nestle. add your flavor, çia÷ coming up in our 6 o'clock hhur... you're less thann45 minutes away from knowing if you're a winner.ww're giving away a 250 dollaa giant giftcard.stayytuned to see if &pwe call your name. name.and prosscutors ut a deal with thh defendants in the 3 beating nats natsguilty pleas are entered... in the case of a toorist who was beaten, robbed and stripped... on the streets of downtown baltimore.what the suspects... are now facing. yyu can avoid... ever having a bad hhtel room again.wwat you should ask... next time you bookka room. 1:14 i had a sense that thhs was it... so i juut did what i paddled"and a kayaker's close call... with a great white shark.but that's not the only thing that's
hitters delivered on offense. nick markakis drives in two runs to lead the birds over the people in pinstripes by a score of 5-4. same two teams at the house next door to the house that ruth built tonight. >> there you go. it's a beautiful stadium. >> i have yet to see. >> i you have to go up there and check it out. >> it is a cool place. >> beat up on the yankees, and then we take momentum. another series against the tampa bay rays, which we need to win. >>> high temperature of 89. partly sunny, seasonablely warm. having said that, there's no shower activity in the outlook but on the other side of the break we'll take a look at first warning doppler radar. there's rain in the vicinity right now. not where ronnie is at. pier point, good morning, how are you. >>> by the way, the oakland as beat tampa bay, 5-4 in 15 innings. >> wow. >> the game ended at, like, 3:00 in the morning our time. that means the orioles have regained second place in the american league east all by themselves. i heard buck showalter. >> one game at a time. >> way to go. speaking of john harbaugh, our tight
run derby and the latest on nick markakis. the story straight ahead. ." >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> time to get to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- would you be willing to pay to get off your flight before anyone else, and if so, how much would you pay? >> keep sending us those responses. we will read more of your responses in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website, >> all-star week festivities under way last night in kansas city. as we look at the home run derby. it has grown into quite an evening and quite the spectacle was put on. adam jones not taking part in the competition. he was eating some ribs. robinson cano picked the team for the american league. his father was pitching to him. he hit zero home runs. he was the former home run derby champ. he picked guys that hit a lot of home runs. guys like mark trumbo. he admitted to t
will check on the major league baseball home run derby and the latest on nick markakis. those stories are straight ahead. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. tracking a possible overturned vehicle southbound on route 10 near the beltway. we will continue to monitor that situation. linwood avenue remains close in the city because of fire department activity. moving well on the west side. building in volume as you travel down towards 70. a nice start from owings mills down to the beltway on 795. here's a quick live look at traffic. the beltway at 97. no sign of delays. southbound route 10 at the beltway, you may start to see some delays. 95 at white marsh. southbound traffic continues to run smoothly. building volume as you get closer to the beltway and the fort mchenry. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> 69 de
and the indians beat the orioles. the only mistake by tommy hunter. nick markakis runs out of rome. his fourth home run against the orioles. 2-1 in the eighth. that is a fair ball. nick markakis is running. johnny damon digs in doubt. the third base coach held up nick but he did not see the stop sign. tagged him out.acked him ou an insurance run from michael bradley. 3-1, the indians avoid the sweep. still very much alive as they come home in the playoff hunt. the ravens kickoff training camp at owings mills. joe flacco and the quarterbacks on hand for today's workout. ray lewis not quite there yet. he will be there tomorrow and he is not quite battling the butterfly is starting his 17th year. last night, he was almost giddy when he talked about if he was ready for camp. >> not really. there is nothing to talk about appeared not worried. it will be a good camp. >> there you go. jennifer franciotti in training camp today? thank you. 6:26. a few days away from the start of the olympic games in london. >> the aclu shows a policy of what to do if police are caught on tape. >> called a jackpot for
in the third. choo does not miss it and he has 12 home runs. nick markakis runs out of room. in the eighth, 2-1, maybe the biggest play. nick markakis is that first. johnny damon davis in out. the third base coach dave nick the stop sign but he did not see it. jim thome strikes out to end the threat. the birds did not score again. an insurance run. 3-1. the birds kickoff a big six game homestand against the rays and a's. last night, ichiro suzuki was traded to the yankees. he takes some bows. how odd was that? then he helped the yankees beat the mariners. this was career hit number 2534. he ends the game with a fly ball catch. the yankees win. ichiro suzuki is now a yankee. i used to love thehim. ravens begin trading camp today. joe flacco beginning his fifth training camp and still let negotiations for a new contract. the rest of the team reports on wednesday. the first open practice for the fans is saturday, august 4 at m&t bank stadium. we'll hear from ray lewis who begins his 17th year with the ravens. >> thank you. the ncaa has spoken. students are reacting to the sanctions against penn
issues... samuel de- deknow on the mound... throwing error to first... nick markakis goes and makes it all the way to 3rd..still in the first... wild pitch... joe mauer can't get the handle on the hop... markakis scores... so on just one single by markakis... o's on the board 1-0..britton helping himself out in the 2nd... two on, no outs... oh-2 count... fires to first... gets the out... no run scores..bottom of the 4th... britton gives up his first run... jamey carroll keeping it fair... ryan dough-mit scores... carroll in at 2nd... 1-1 ball game.. 5th... after two walks... o's have two on... adam jones doing some work... going opposite field... getting a little help from the wind and see ya... 3 run shot... his 21st of the season... orioles take a 4-1 lead.... .bottom half of the frame... britton done after loading the bases no outs... luis ayala can't get out of the hole.. dough- mit singles to right... two runs score.... game tied at 4 in the 6th. the ravenn had two orders of business this off season...the first... ray rice's contract. well that's a done deal.5 years, 40 million
regarding those injuries. the batting order hopes to get a boost with the return of markakis. he is reinstated to the team today after out for a month. he had surgery to remove a bone from his right hand. it was the first time in his career that he had to spend time in the disabled list. he will be back in action on friday with the start of the series against detroit in camden yards. o's run production has been the lowest in the league during his absence. >> and tomorrow's midsummer classic orioles adam jones, matt wieters and jim johnson on hand to play for the al and represent the o's. mat wieters is an all star for the second straight season. >> it's a huge honor too. i feel very blessed to be able to be back here this year and to be able to be voted in by the players it makes it everyone that much of an honor. you feel like you get represent from your peers. every time you get to come to an all star game is a great experience but to be able to make it two, it's nice. >> adam jones sampled the local kyc bar-b-que. adam will be helping out with dave's top ten list on letterman
's up 3-2. nick markakis gets into this one and off the bottom of the wall in center field. quintanilla comes in to score. orioles win 5-4. they trail the yankees by 6 1/2 games in the east. >>> let's look at olympic basketball. this is a beat down. u.s. women against angola. third quarter they are up by 35 in transition. lindsay whalen and one. 90-38. that ain't even fair. but so it goes. >>> and a final note, caroline ♪ [ male announcer ] before they soar. ♪ before they perform. ♪ before they inspire. ♪ before they amaze. ♪ before they move us, we move them. proud to fly team usa for over 30 years. united. >>> it's her first individual gold. >> one final look at the big win today. missy franklin, the is swimming phenom took home the gold in the 100 meter backstroke. >> theis going for seven medals in the games. she said it was special because her parents were there to watch he
jones. already his three walkoff winners in extra innings this year. scores nick markakis, who had three doubles in the game. o's tied at 5. bottom 13 after j.j. hardy hit a home run tied at 6th. taylor tea garden. with a man on, it's a tea garden party. his first career walkoff home run and the triple pie in the face. nice job for taylor. great day all around for o's fans, before the game, cal rich kin, eddie murray and brooks robinson on hand. great to see brooks at the ballpark again. they unveil the jim palmer statue with the high leg kick, joining frank robinson and early weaver at their garden of greats. summer league and it was only one game. the wizards had to like bradley beals debut yesterday. a game high 22. the wiz back at it against the rockets, and beihl back at it as well. the old slip and fall. beihl flying in to finish on the other end. -3 gators showing off the hops. thomas sataransky does one better. right down the middle of the lane. worthy of another look, cox at bat with the left hand. the wizards will play again tomorrow against the grizzlies at 6:00. meanwhi meanw
...nick markakis comes around to tied....2 batters later...bases loaded...chris davis singles into left...jj hardy scores...thome gets the green light...bad idea...not even close...but the o's take an 9-8 lead into the 9th.... jim johnson out to close.... derek norris chopper to first...over mark reynolds into right...eric sogard scores the tying run... johnson's 3rd blown save of the year....later in the 9th... jemile weeks lines it... brandon inge trots in from 3rd...a's take the lead 10-9... .next batter...coco crisp base knock to right...2 more runs score...johnson gives up 6 runs on 5 hits...his e-r-a before the all-star break was all-star... it's 18-47...athletics beat the o's 14-9. that's it for sports unlimited...i'm morgan adsit... thanks for watching...have a great night night ♪ [ horn honks ] ♪ oh, those were the best of days ♪ ♪ i still feel the summer rays ♪ that graced our backs as we went down the lane ♪ [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] when your car is more than just a car to you, the right insurance matters. are you getting the coverag
markakis has beee activated and will presumably be in then lineup friday night when the o's begin the second half oo the season...and he'll have some company..the club also plans to activate outfuielder endy chavez and catcher taylor teagarden from the dl as well...look for catchee ronny either xavier very, steve peaace or steve tolleson to go to create the pot for chaaez. that'll do it for this edition oo sports unlimited...i'm bc... and be sure to tune in to starting at 55am.goodnight. goodnight. çç [jazz music] ♪
into left...nick markakis scores...jj hardy follows... o's lead 2-0....later in the inning...bases still loaded for chris davis...slices it to left-center...jim thome and jones score easily...matt wieters makes around from 1st...bases clearing double... 5-0 birds....bottom 7...davis finding his power bat... hammers it to right-center... gone for his 16th...orioles avoid the sweep of the rays... 6-2... as he heads into his third...and final olympics...michael phelps is all longer the wide-eyed 15 year old who competed in sydney, phelps can become the olympics all time gold medal leader with his 3rd gold in london.. london.. one thhng he's never done is march in the opening ceremonies...that's because the swimming events start the next day...and that tradition will continue this year...he'll watch the ceremonies on tv and then hit the pool on's all routine at this point for the baltimore bullet... 3 back to football...the college game..and after a miracle season a year ago, towson's tigers are expected to do the same thing again this year... year... for the firs
niik markakis has been activated lineup friday nighh when the o's begin the second half oo the season...and he'll have & some commany..thh club also plans to ctivate outfuieeder endy chavez and catcher aylor teagarden from the dl as paulino to be sent down, and either xxvierraaery, stevee pearce or steveetolleson to go tt create the spot for chavez. 3 with yet another deadline -3 looming, the ravens continue to wait for ray rice...more on these stories and the rest oo the night in sportt coming p tonight at 10:50 and 11:30 n sports unlimmied. tony-- 3 3 3 33 a little girl who lost &peverything.. including her prized teddy bear... in the waldo canyon fire... is waking - up happy this morning.that's because sheehas a brand new bear beside her. her. ssven year old lily rottenborn was on vacation with her family ... while he wildfire was burriig around colorado. the family completely destroyeed...along 3 bear.. she receivee the 3hospital heard about her loss... they decided to find - per a new one. 3 lily rottenborn says: "i'
. nick markakis is back in gear. but then bite s the bird again. forces hamels to leave the game. he's got an exam. either way, that's bad news for the detroit tigers. serves up a home run. the slugger cabrera off the secondary wall. 451 feet away. one of the longest homers in history. the orioles hitters with the same story. consecutive shutouts. two runs on six hits and could be more for the o's but detroit played defense. leads up and takes away a home run. the o's start the second half of the season with a disappointing 7-2 defeat for the tigers. three games against the tigers. you can see the series finale on sunday. that's here on wjz first sunday at 1:30. the o's officially welcome their future, their top draft pick kevin gosman. he reach ed the contract agreement. he was the fourth in the june draft. he gets an exciting bonus of $4 million. earlier in the show, we saw ravens runningback ray race helping the teenagers. he addressed the uncertain contract status. without his deal, he skipped all of the team's off-season. the negotiations continue on a multiyear contract and the
of first place. markakis had three hits, wilson with a home run and gonzalez earned his third win of the year. the orioles winners today. tonight in new york and that's good. >>> worst news out of ravens camp. we will learn tomorrow if dennis has a broken hand. the favorite target -- the chances that they could miss the rest of training camp. we will have to wait for tomorrow's news. >> more to tell you about on the news. coming up. >> first a look at night line. >> coming up on flight line from olympic chance -- everybody seems to be ditching foods that contain gluten. we go inside the debate. should you try going gluten free? >> and the former vice president telling us about his life saving heart transplant. . >>> san diego zoo has a new addition. they we comed a baby panda cub yesterday. zoo coopers watched the camera inside the birthing den as the mom delivered. the zoo said it's the 6th giant panda cub born there and no other breeding facility outside china has delivered more. they won't know the gender for two months. now the cub is up with its mom. >> a new mom and dad
. nick markakis comes up with a beautiful diving grab. see how smooth he is going out there? look at chris tell me, thanks, dude. top of the seventh now, jim tomorrow may at the dish. he gets all of that. sweet swing. number 611 for thome. ryan flaherty had a home run last night. he goes yard again tonight. a solo shot out to straightaway centerfield, and the orioles close it out, win it 3-1 over the indians, their 50th win of the season. >>> uncommonly gorgeous weather greeted golfers at the british open this morning, and the leaders took advantage of it, in hopes of getting ahead before those brutal winds are supposed to kick up a notch for tomorrow's final round. today's round saw tiger woods struggle. adam scott holds a steady lead, and a hole in one by a british open newcomer. we start with audobon la herery. the 25-year-old native of india on number nine. paul mcginley aced this hole in '96. 16 years later, how about laheary. i can't even imagine that feeling. tiger woods in third going into round three. bogeyed two of his first three holes. look how far away he is? that's o
of the night comes 2 pitches later...nick markakis flies it down the left field line...johnny damon leaps into the seats for the catch...take another look as the 38-year-old shows off his inning...jim thome got his start in cleveland...indians already have a spot for a thome statue....but he's not done playing yet...hammers it to right...thome with the homey... his first as an oriole...610th of his career, passing former oriole sammy sosa for 7th all-time...birds in frontt 8-1...they beat the indians 10-2 winning their 3rd straight... 3 miguel gonzalez with a solid start....only 2 runs in 6 and 2 thirds...thome with 3 hits against his former team... chris tillman goes for the birds tomorrow... brad bergesen can now be known as a former oriole...the right-handed pitcher was claimed off waivers by the diamondbacks...bergesen was drafted by the o's in the 4th round of the 2004 draft...he was designated for assignment on wednesday to make room for tommy hunter... former oriole starter jeremy guthrie has been traded to the royals...the rockies sent him to k-c in exchange for strug
. it gives the indians a 2-0 lead. chavez at the plate and laces one to the left field corner. nick markakis took off from first base. he's coming around third. but he ran through the stop sign and is stuck in the middle. you never stop. he is caught in the run down and he's tagged out. that mistake would prove costly. indians win 3-1, snapping the o's five-game winning streak. >>> the olympics start this week. the opening ceremony is friday night. the london forecasters is saying it's going to rain. >> it could rain. >> it didn't look good. but it shouldn't affect the show. they planned to use fake rain anyway as part of the act. >> fake rain? >> venus williams staying dry at wimbledon today carrying the olympics torch. andy murray was carrying the torch at center court. you can watch the olympic games right here on news4. coverage begins friday with the opening ceremony. dan hellie is reporting from london. >>> may i say you don't have to be 19 years old to do a number of different things. 19 helps but -- >> it's easier -- homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how
's play the detroit tigers. nick markakis is among the injured orioles coming back. told us that the entire team is excited to be in play-off contention as the second half of the season began. and they're glad that the fans were excited, too. . >> reporter: 3-1 delivery. in the air. he got all of it. way back. >> reporter: april and may were magnificent. >> and the orioles have come back to win it. >> reporter: the high-flying birds spent the early part of the season in first place. raising expectations and hopes. then june and july, hot weather. but the o's cooled. especially the hitters. yet through it all, they remain in play-off contention, midway through the season. baltimore baseball fans have reason to believe. the players recognized the support. and want to give those fans something to cheer. >> having this place packed with 47,000 people. you know, for a play-off game or even -- even a game in august that is -- that means a lot. you know, but it will be all our fans. i think that kind of environment would give me goose bumps. >> reporter: manager buck showalter says
through the season. and in the play-off hunt, despite injuries to regulars nick markakis, nolan reimolds, they're all on the disabled list. that has forced replacements into action. like rookie xavier avery. and chris davis. among the fill-ins for right field. markakis. showalter looking forward to the all-star break. >> you know, regroup is trying to get people healthy more than anything else. >> marmarkakis. that's all real encouraging. so the regroup part of it is trying to hold the fort as strong as we can. and see how we want to start the second half with the rotation. >> reporter: chris tillman had an outstanding start in seattle yesterday. he could be a big edition to the starting rotation in the second half of the season. tillman was sent to the minor league team in buoy last night. that's so he can pitch for the bay sox. then rejoin the orioles when the second half of the season resumes. >>> for the second straight year, the nfl off season brings a battle between the league and the play-off season. it was a lockout. this summer, lawsuits. today, the player's union filed a federa
-0 was the final yesterday. o's have scored in just two of their last 32 innings. nick markakis could bring a boost to the bat. he's been on the disabled list since june 1st. markakis has played three minor league games in buoy. he has three hits, including two home runs. could be back with the o's when they resume play on friday. now, the detroit tigers will be the o's opponent on friday. and in that series, they will face tigers justin ver lander, who today was named the starting pitcher in tomorrow's all-star game. he is the reigning a.l. most valuable player. now, here'sang -- he's an all- star, starting pitcher. >> what an honor it is. to start my first all-star game. i have been to a few in the past. and some i didn't have the opportunity like last year. and some i came out of the bull pen. but this is something different. and i'm going to relish every moment of it and hopefully play a part in helping the american league win. >> reporter: san francisco giants pitcher, matt cain was named the starter for the national league all-stars. cane's outstanding league included a perfect game against t
is on the way. way.. thhs evening, thh orioles officiallyyreinstated nick markakis to the roster...the veteran right fielder has been on the disabled list since the firsttof june after undergoing wrist surrery...first baseman &pjoe mahoney has been sent dow to make room..markakis was pitttig 256 with 8 home runs and 6 rbi in 50 games before be in the lineup when he orioles returnnfrom the bbeek on friday... and... there is some unexpected good news from the minors...brian matusz, who's yet again been exiled to norfolk, it getting them out in the international league... in fact, he's been named the pi i-l...this after complete game, four hit shhtout of charlotte, a white sox affiliate...a ffrmer number one draft pick,,the 255year old matusz was sent down earlier this month after losing 6 of his llst 7 starts with the orioles. and...onntime orioll jay gibbons has decided to all ii a 35, gibbions had hit juss 204 qith milwakuee's triple a team.. gibbons was an oriole from the mitchell report ...gibbons still collected thee10-million still due him at the time..he went on to play
... and more immediate help is on the way...the orioles feel confidenttthat veterrn nick markakis will return right after the all star break...a week from fact, he's expected to make some ssarts for bowie his weekend.. markakis haa been out since phe first week of june, when he had the hammate bone removed from his right wrist... he'[s been taking batting practice with aberdeenn and the initial reports are positive..stay tunedd &p ddlan bundy rated the number one prospect in we introduce you to the next baltimore boxer to turnnpro...coming up at 11-30 on the late edition... a relatively new kind of attack has shaken the u-s security system. system.the department of hoomland security says it received 198 reports of suspected cyber security threats in 20-11.that's up from just 41 in 20-10, and only nine in 2009.the number is up significantly in companies that control -s infrastructuue ssch aa power ggids, water filtration plants and nuclear facilities.ii's the attacks succeeded.experts say people can protect themselves frommcyber attacks by not downloading
. and chris davis among the fill- ins for markakis. showalter looks forward to the all-star break. >> you know, regrouping, trying to get some people healthy, more than anything else. markakis is looking great. he's going to be an option with no sets backs that's all encouraging. so the regroup part of it is, we're trying to hold the fort here and finish as strong as we can. and you know, see how we want to start the second half with the rotation. >> speaking of those pitchers, chris tillman had an outstanding start in seattle. he could be a big addition to the starting rotation in the second half of the season. zach briton is another possible addition. >>> more on the o's coming up next hour. plus, the legal battle heats up between the nfl and the new orleans saints. i'll have details ahead in sports at 6:00. back to you for now. >> all right, mark. thank you. >>> still ahead on eyewitness news. >>> a brutal heat wave bears down on baltimore. and when the weather is this hot, it can also be dangerous. i'm monique griego. coming up, a warning ,,,,,, hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower
night and are no longer in second place in the american league east. nick markakis sets the table early. this time he scores thanks to a wild pitch. the bulk it's thrown in the dirt -- thet ball gets thrown in the dirt. 1-0 orioles. j.j. hardy starts the double play. in the third, 1-0 orioles. he was unable to get out of the fifth inning. adam jones in the top of the fifth inning. all year he has picked up his teammates offensively and he does it again. three-run home run. zach britton give up a single and two walks. that ties the game at 4. the twins win. the orioles have lost 17 of their last 24 and are now in third place. to weigh in on the penn state issue. they are waiting for a response. the ncaa president said the sex abuse case is unprecedented. >> i do not want to take anything off the table. this is different than a scandal like what happened to smu or anything else we have dealt with. this is as systemic a cultural problem as it is a football problem. people said this wasn't a football scandal. this was more than a football scandal. >> the incident light will punish the schoo
.ent order farti then we have the nick markakis jersey. >> i can imagine it is fun to learn so much about maryland sports history and you get to share that information with the public. people can come here and learn some exciting stuff at the museum. now let's go to the seven-day forecast. temperatures are staying pretty close to 90 for the next couple of days. maybe an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. temperatures stay close to 90 through the weekend. >> ray rice was showing off his big guns. 6:39. 67 degrees on tv hill. most ravens fans don't like pittsburgh. >> bring home the bacon and taking it to the >> as a kid we're told to put all of our change in a piggy bank and take the change to the bank. they decided to check the surveillance tape. the pig made its way inside. he looked around before letting himself out. >> we mentioned that comic-con kicks off today. a police officer in this part turned a hearse tt into the car from "ghostbusters." it has turned into a big fund- raising phenomenon. they are raising money for the children's miracle network. >> 67 degrees on tv hill. >> a
courtesy of nick markakis and a wild pitch. 1-0 orioles. zach britton makes his first start for the orioles. j.j. hardy. zach struggled with his control. he did have a 4-1 lead. adam jones, opposite field. he has been outstanding all year. birds up 4-1. zach britton leaves. this time as ies it. the orioles out of second place as the rays pass them by. the u.s. placed england to mark in basketball in the third olympic tuneup. jeremy lin plus a three-year contract with the rocket's worth $25 million. the new york next refused to match the offer appeared german league went from sitting the bench last year to the most googled person on the planet in about a month and the parlors that into a big-time contract. he went to harvard so i guess he will put is a harvard degree to work managing his money. >> 6:27. 79 degrees on tv hill. johns hopkins has a bit of a fall from grace. they are no longer on the top looking down. >> a major water break downtown. >> the i-team spend some time with the wrong guy. the latest on his stressful situation. >> word of an accident in westminster and will check on >>
of the season. j.j. hardy has a base hit to right. that would score nick markakis giving baltimore a 5-2 lead. jim johnson gets himself out of a jam. two our in the wild card race. that was fun. >> 6:26. >> there are a lot of things that tick us off as drivers. speed cameras were vandalized. >> construction has begun for this year's baltimore grand prix. >> lawmakers on capitol hill are battling over money, yours. >> will update you on a problem on 95 that is causing some big delays. >> we have a check >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> tony pann has a quick look at today's forecast. >> good morning. it is dry around baltimore. take an umbrella just in case. hit and miss showers and thunderstorms. a mixture of sun and clouds. cundiff muggy with a high temperature near 87 degrees. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes >> the streets of downtown baltimore are being turned i
and oakland. upgrading the starting rotation is a priority. the orioles get nick markakis back when they play the tigers tomorrow. we'll see what happens when the season resumes. the orioles will start in second place. toronto and boston are nine and a half back. no team in the american league east has a sub .500 record. can the orioles hang in the pennant race? right now they are the second wild-card team. the olympics begin in london at the end of the month. that is where ray lewis is spending some time, spreading his own football gospel. >> if i could spend some time with them and speak with them and share with me that they did not have the money. i'm not looking for money. so to have me come here for the decision are me telling my team i want to go to london, i want to talk to them and sit down and talk to those young man. >> i'm going to be with ray rice tomorrow his second anti- bullying rally and that is free to the kids. >> when ray lewis asks what time is it, do the kids look to big ben? thank you. >> from energy drinks to entrees. you can score for for ree. >> the campaigning contin
home run of the season tied the game at 101. j.j. hardy pads the lead with a base hit. nick markakis to score. jim johnson in a jam gets the strikeout to end it. the orioles win 5-4. a fall on donald trump wave -- a full-on donald trump wave. >> the orioles win. continuing coverage of the london olympics. >> staying in a hotel could cost you a little extra towards the end of the year. >> lawmakers in a virtual chess match over tax cuts. >> as anyone ever told you you could use some color? >> we do have some rain in the seven-day forecast. >> we have a problem at the bay bridge.
are live for the playoffs. the orioles won their fifth straight in cleveland. nick markakis with a single. j.j. hardy with a home run. 2-0. zach britton made it stick. this ends the third inning. 2-0. bases loaded. carlos santana looking. luis ayala, ryan flaherty -- he had two home runs this weekend. wilson betemit, 438 feet. the orioles were up 4-0. a big deal in the ninth. the orioles scored three runs. sec britain gets his first win of the year -- zach britton gets his first win of the year. >> i wanted to pitch the way i knew i could pitch. i had to make good pitches. >> the process is good. they go for the sweep tonight in cleveland. they are six games back of the yankees. training camp begins for the ravens. then there is adam scott. he was cruising to a win in the british open when a loss. unbelievable. tiger woods on the sixth call. a triple bogey. that was the beginning of the end for tiger. up 3 with four to play. this was the biggest shot of the tournament. the false to eight under -- he falls to eight under. ernie els. number 7 team, the approach and the airmails it into the
nick markakis addition. josh reddick at the wall. holds on, spiderman from a few days ago and it sticks in his glove. a's win 14-9. reddick has a back contusion and he's day-to-day. >>> the 49ers opened training camp with 35 year old receiver randy moss on the field. now 35 may not seem old for the rest of us, but months is 8 years older than any other receiver on the niner roster. moss said being around this youthful group has put some pep into his step. he retired at the end of the 2010 season. a had a rough year, spent time with three different teams but he's back and look good and fast and hoping to bring his experience to this younger wide receiving core. >> we have a young team here and me being a veteran. like i said, i've been around the block a few times so trying to bring something positive as far as my leadership on and off the field and hopefully it's been a good thing. want to go from there. >>alden smith was in camp and said he's healthy despite being stabbed at his own party last month. smith had a dui back in january. it's been an offseason filled with with guess with hi
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